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We are a leading corporate and investment bank in and for Africa, backed by a bank of scale in Africa, Absa Group Limited. We are a truly African brand, unified and united with one goal: to bring your possibility to life. Our impressive client portfolio includes global.. Know more


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We are focused on the Needs of our clients

Our Compelling value proposition is built on fit-for-purpose solutions, data-driven insights and a deep understanding of your full ecosystem

Extensive local knowledge and strong global links
Unrivalled opportunities to invest in Africa
World-class team ready to assist

Consistent client experience
Seamless delivery through digital enablement

Culture that protects and enables the best solutions for you
Pursue capital optimisation to generate return on equity

Cash collections over the counter
Electronic Fund transfers/standing instructions
Payroll services including salaries, dividend and supplier payments etc.

Interest-free period of up to 52 days
Chip-and-PIN based technology
Global acceptance with attractive discounts at partner outlets

Designed for bulk payments
Host solutions
Liquidity management and reporting solutions


One of the most respected banks in Africa but don’t just take our word for it
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